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Privacy Policy

To generate a Privacy Policy, you need to create a iubenda account.
1. Visit and hit the green button "Genera Your Policy" on the right.
2. From the "Generate a privacy policy" window, type your website URL and set the language for your website policy. Then click on the blue button "Generate new policy".
3. At the next step, you should Register a iubenda account or Login.
If you already have an account, fill in your data.
If you don't have a iubenda account, enter your email and choose a password to sign up.
4. To create a privacy policy, add the services you're using on your site and the type of data you're collecting.
Then save to generate your policy. You can change the services anytime you want because the privacy policy is hosted on iubenda servers and is updated in real-time.

If you need help to add services, watch this video.

5. Enter website owner data and contact info.
Embed your Privacy Policy
  • From the Privacy Policy embedding window, copy the embedded code automatically generated by iubenda.
  • Go back to WebSite X5 and add the Object iubenda Privacy Policy to your website footer.
  • Click to open the Object and paste the iubenda code in the Script code field.
  • Hit Preview to save. If everything works fine, you should see the Privacy Policy on your site.
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